Agility Training

Great fun and exercise for you and your dog. Just do it for fun or we can get you ready for trial. All our equipment is new and the outdoor area is fenced.

All classes are 9 weeks long. We have classes for the family dog and for those who would like to compete, as well. For those who have already taken classes or who are getting ready to trial, we do have times available for you to come and practice on your own.

We teach with a positive attitude.


Flyball is great exercise for dogs and is open to any breed, including mixed breeds. Dogs with high energy levels or ones who have been bred as working dogs, such as Border Collies and Labradors really benefit from Flyball since it gives them a chance to burn off energy. Flyball competitions are fast-paced races and the rules are simple enough that anyone can easily follow what is going on during a race.

In Flyball, each team consists of four dogs. Each dog races against another dog, in separate lanes, in a series of heats (or relays). As well, each lane has four hurdles the dog must jump over. The height of the hurdle is determined by the shoulder height of the smallest dog on the team.

When the starting light turns green, the dogs race to the end of the course, jumping over the hurdles. At the end of the lane, they hit a Flyball box with their front paws and this releases the ball. The dog must catch the ball, turn around and race back to the owner before the dog they are racing against.

All ages, including kids, can become involved in this active sport for their dog. It's fun, fast-paced, and dogs and their handlers really love it.

Moy Hall Farm had the first Border Collie ever to compete in Flyball. We have the equipment and the expertise to help you get your dog ready for this fun sport. Contact us, or visit our About Us page for more information on our classes and our location.

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