Our Dogs


Tia is out of Keely / Cuill. She is one of the friendliest dogs and has not met a person she did not like, especially kids.

The Boys

Jed                          Pedigree

Jed was imported from a sheep farm in Scotland. Both parents competed in sheepdog trials. His father, Moss, is a Scottish national brace champion. Jed has a great attitude and work ethic, and is passing this ability to his offspring, who are excelling in flyball.


The Girls

Cassie                    Pedigree

Cassie is out of Ness and Angie Dotson's Bo-Tyne Badger. Cassie has one speed and that is warp. She is active in flyball and agility where she surprised us with her control. Cassie and Jed have had two litters, all of who are producing fantastic times in flyball.

Bracken             Pedigree

Bracken is out of Kyrrha and Jed and is built for speed. She is soft by nature, can run the whole flyball course but just needs time to build her confidence so she can compete.

Jersey              Pedigree

A red merle from Astra Sheepdogs, Scotland. Jersey is a very sweet natured easy-going girl who loves to retrieve. She has started her obedience, flyball and agility training.

  Keely                 Pedigree

Keely is out of Bracken and Focus. She is a very smart girl who loves to work.

Retired Girls


Kyrrha is still active in flyball and runs on a vet team where she still runs 4.3 to 4,5 seconds. Kyrrha has produced some great flyball dogs who can be seen all over North America.


Ness is living out in Spruce Grove, Alberta where she is taking care of two of my grand kids. Ness has also produced some great flyball dogs.

"My goal in life is to be as good as my dog already thinks I am."

~ Author Unknown

Cuill is a blue merle imported from Detannia's border collies, Sussex, England. He is a very loyal dog, who I love training, watch out for him in the obedience,agility, and flyball ring.

Bolt                          Pedigree

Bolt is out of Jersey and Cagen. He has a rock solid temperament and very mild mannered.

   He is at present in agility and fly ball

   training. He learns very quickly and really

   wants to please.


Owned by Ana Mrksic. Jagger is out of Jersey and TNT Cagen. He’s a very well mannered boy who loves everyone, aims to please and a dream to train. Currently training in obedience, agility, flyball, Frisbee, dock diving and a two time CKC Agility world team member.


Elsa is a very intense energetic border collie, with a wonderful disposition and loves everyone.

She is a flyball dog champion,and loves agility.