Obedience Training

Train your dog to become a well-behaved part of your family. We offer Basic Puppy Training to Utility.

All of our sessions are nine weeks in length and we suggest two sessions of home obedience.

During the sessions, you will be taught to teach your dog to come, sit, down, stay, wait, walk on lead and overall be a well mannered dog to be around, with people and with other animals.

There may be times that you will need advice or guidance with problems that arise at home with your dog. We also provide you with a help number for you to call with any issues you may want to discuss during the week, instead of having to wait until your next obedience class to resolve the problem.

The classes we offer at Moy Hall Farm are ...

  1. Puppy

  2. Level One

  3. Level Two

  4. Basic Refresher

  5. Open

  6. Utility

Group Classes

We offer small group lessons so you and your dog can interact with other people and other dogs. There is a maximum of 10 dogs in our group classes.

Private Sessions

We also offer private lessons for those who feel they, or their dog, are not ready to join a group, and would prefer one-on-one time with an instructor.

Competitive Obedience

We have special classes for those who are interested or who are currently trialing from novice to utility. Contact us for more information.